Administrative Core

The ICTS Administrative Core is responsible for the business administration and overall daily management of ICTS operations. The Associate Directors report directly to the ICTS Director and PI, Dr. Bradley Evanoff, and ICTS Associate Director, Dr. Christina Gurnett. Specifically, the Administrative Core manages:


  • Establish and maintain administrative structure to support day-to-day operations to help achieve the overall goals of the ICTS
  • Coordinate and oversee ICTS governance committees’ (including the Governing Council, External Advisory Committee, Executive Committee, and Operations Committee) seminars, lectures, workshops and retreats
  • Provide administrative support to the ICTS Pilot Programs including management of RFAs, proposal submissions, study section organization, summary statement development, and award and progress report management
  • Manage ICTS member registration – application solicitation, registration review, database maintenance
  • Participate in and contribute to CTSA Consortium committees and initiatives


  • Provide budgetary oversight for the CTSA program, including issuing award allocations and monitoring expenditures of funds allocated to all cores/programs (over 200 accounts), ensuring compliance with ICTS, Washington University (WU), CTSA and NIH policies and procedures
  • Manage institutional funds allocated to the ICTS
  • Provide periodic financial status reports to the ICTS Director, Co-Director and Executive Committee

Tracking & Evaluation

  • Manage tracking procedures and processes for internal monitoring and evaluation and NCATS (National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences) required data reporting (CTSA services provided, service users, publications, IRBs approvals, etc.)
  • Support the Tracking & Evaluation Program through development of tracking procedures and management of the collection and tracking of current evaluation metrics, and assist in the development of new metrics

Marketing & Communication


  • Serve as the liaison between WU and NCATS, ICTS partner institutions, other CTSA awardees, and internally with other WU centers and programs
  • Develop and implement marketing and communication plans and tools for the ICTS overall and for individual events. Current marketing tools include: use of approved ICTS logo, brochures, pens, magnets, posters, ICTS Digest (electronic newsletter issued 6 times annually), website, and e-mail
  • Manage the design, development and updating of the ICTS website (where you are right now!) to disseminate information, promote interactions, provide an entry portal for workflow and data access functionality