Lifestyle Intervention Research Core (LIRC)

The Lifestyle Intervention Research Core (LIRC), a component of the Center for Applied Research Sciences (CARS), provides multi-disciplinary services to help implement effective lifestyle modifications for research studies. The LIRC provides a unique compendium of services including nutritional, behavioral, taste perception, smoking cessation and physical activity.

Services & Resources

Behavioral Therapy Services

  • Assessments
    • Individual
    • Psychosocial
    • Eating Disorders
    • Quality of Life
    • Weight history factors
  • Customized lifestyle counseling
    • Individual or group
  • Weight Management or Lifestyle-Change Intervention Curriculum
    • Utilize existing curriculum, customized curriculum/development/handouts
  • Questionnaires
    • Beck Depression Inventory - II (BDI-II)
    • Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS)
    • Short Form (36) Health Survey (SF-36)
    • Eating Disorder Examination-Questionnaire (EDE-Q)
    • Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9)
    • Binge Eating Scale (BES)
    • Impact of Weight on Quality of Life (IWQOL)

Specialized Nutrition Services

  • Protocol development/Consultation
    • Assist in developing nutrition methodology
  • Nutritional Assessment
    • Assessment of nutritional factors relevant to customizing lifestyle counseling
    • Diet prescription
  • Nutrient Analysis/Assessment of Food Intake
    • Food Recording (Instruction, validation and nutrient analysis) using a nutrition database
    • 24-hour dietary recall
    • Block Food Frequency Questionnaire and Screeners
  • Education/Lifestyle Counseling
    • Curriculum/Educational Material Development
    • Instruction (individual/group)
  • Menu/Recipe Development
  • Food Service
    • In-house meals (Unrestricted meals and sack lunches from Barnes Jewish Hospital or Specialized meals from metabolic kitchen)
    • Feeding studies (Formulas, Calculated meals prepared in metabolic kitchen packed to consume at home)

Ingestive Behavior / Taste Perception Research Services

  • Assessments
    • Taste sensitivity thresholds, perception, and preferences
  • Questionnaires
    • Dutch Eating Behavior Questionnaire (DEBQ)
    • Food Craving Inventory (FCI)

Facilities & Other Resources

For a description of LIRC resources, see the LIRC Resources page.

Request a Service

Send an email to to request information about services that are currently offered or download and submit the Application Form.


Submit a "Request for Revision or Amendment to Approved Protocol", if applicable.

Service available to:

All entities, including for-profit organizations, with priority given to ICTS members.

Service Hours:

Monday through Friday 7 am to 5 pm
For weekend hours please see the 2017 Weekend Schedule.  If you need additional hours, please contact Nurse Administrator, Jina Loduca at 314.747.3595 or

Service Fees